-know the old, know the new-

From a long time ago,
The PUB has been an equal space
for the ROSE (citizen) and CROWN (royals),
It is a space for all to communicate.
We want to spread the PUB culture in Japan too.
With this in mind,
the Victorian PUB ‘THE ROSE & CROWN’
was created in Shinbashi in 1999.
It has been 23 years.
This PUB is still running and is loved by all.
The lifestyle of people have changed dramatically over the years.
Our perspective of the PUB has also changed too.

In 2022, ‘THE ROSE & CROWN’
Looked back at it’s origin to share the England drinking culture in Japan
And established ‘THE R.C.ARMS’ and ‘THE R.C.GATE’.
The new Public House has an open and relaxing space,
where you can enjoy both the traditional and modern England PUB atmosphere,
and enjoy being yourself.
This is our new concept.

About our Symbol
Within the shield, our original brand name
R for ROSE (citizen) and C for CROWN (royal) is included.
On both sides, the ingredients for beer and wine; wheat and grapes are illustrated
And a lion is included on the top to symbolize power.

Brand Story